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The E-learning unit was launched two years ago with major succes and achievements recognized by international independent authorities. with services extending through the whole technology spectrum.

this video site is a service to help students in their study and to give them access to recorded classes any time and any where.

Please note that the videos here belong to Virginia and Wisconsin universities with permission

Physical examination videos

Tutorials and lectures ....

Download tracheal deviation  12-10-2009 (1.76 MB)

Duration: 0:34 m - Filetype: asf

tracheal deviation (Video Podcast)

Download percussion  12-10-2009 (3.1 MB)

Duration: 0:57 m - Filetype: asf

percussion (Video Podcast)

Download chest_expansion  12-10-2009 (4.81 MB)

Duration: 1:28 m - Filetype: asf

chest_expansion (Video Podcast)

Download Vital Exam  12-10-2009 (8.06 MB)

Duration: 5:07 m - Filetype: quicktime

Vital Exam (Video Podcast)

Download Upper limb Exam  12-10-2009 (12.07 MB)

Duration: 6:11 m - Filetype: mp4

Upper limb Exam (Video Podcast)

Download appearance_and_vitals  12-10-2009 (13.68 MB)

Duration: 3:46 m - Filetype: asf

appearance_and_vitals (Video Podcast)

Download History Exam  12-10-2009 (13.88 MB)

Duration: 7:59 m - Filetype: quicktime

History Exam (Video Podcast)

Download Abdominal Examination  12-10-2009 (15.05 MB)

Duration: 9:32 m - Filetype: quicktime

Abdominal Examination (Video Podcast)

Download respiratory exam  12-10-2009 (17.07 MB)

Duration: 5:10 m - Filetype: asf

respiratory exam (Video Podcast)

Download ENT Examination  12-10-2009 (17.34 MB)

Duration: 10:58 m - Filetype: quicktime

ENT Examination (Video Podcast)

Download Neurological Examination  12-10-2009 (19.25 MB)

Duration: 12:11 m - Filetype: quicktime

Neurological Examination (Video Podcast)

Download thyroid Examination  12-10-2009 (20.6 MB)

Duration: 6:10 m - Filetype: asf

thyroid Examination (Video Podcast)

Download Shoulder Examination  12-10-2009 (20.75 MB)

Duration: 4:24 m - Filetype: quicktime

Shoulder Examination (Video Podcast)

Download Lower limb exam  12-10-2009 (21.1 MB)

Duration: 13:22 m - Filetype: quicktime

Lower limb exam (Video Podcast)

Download CVS exam  12-10-2009 (22.18 MB)

Duration: 6:38 m - Filetype: asf

CVS exam (Video Podcast)

Download Abdominal Examination  12-10-2009 (22.84 MB)

Duration: 6:49 m - Filetype: asf

Abdominal Examination (Video Podcast)

Download pe_abdominal  12-10-2009 (28.45 MB)

Duration: 7:45 m - Filetype: asf

pe_abdominal (Video Podcast)